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"Ford Fiesta´s weak battery"

Running time: 14:13 min.


Pamela had tried to start this '89 Ford Fiesta before, as had Marina previously in the clip: "In time for the business lunch?", which had three alternative views to choose from. Here Pamela tries again. We won't find out where she wants to go because the engine won't start again - that much can be revealed at this point. The battery is already quite weak, but still lasts for several starting attempts. After she got in, she applies makeup to her lips. From all angles seen in the preview, you can witness how Pamela drains the battery. Among other things, this clip contains a pedal view that consistently lasts 5:35 minutes. Sometimes in red patent leather shoes, sometimes barefoot, Pamela keeps pumping the gas pedal. And of course the battery is drained in this view as well. The view through the windshield lasts about 1:10 min., the driver side view about 1 minute, the rest of the time is a view from the passenger floor up to Pamela's upper body. Once at the beginning for about a minute, in which she touches up her lips and then towards the end for almost three and a half minutes. Pamela looks so wonderfully relaxed behind the steering wheel!

Or does she not necessarily have to go anywhere and in fact loves to start the engine in vain and to drain the battery?


Ford Fiestas weak battery mit pics  15:07 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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