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Cranking in leather - Ford Fiesta

Running time: 13:58 min.


At the beginning of the clip, Laura is shown entering the '89 Ford Fiesta - from three perspectives. These last a total of 41 seconds. Laura's futile attempts to start can be witnessed from different perspectives. These views can already be seen in the preview. Completely in leather outfit, she always tries to start the engine. The black ankle boots from "Buffalo" with the large, oval silver buckle are not only popular with Laura, but also with most of the other actresses. Laura loves the constant gas pedal pumping when trying to start. Casually cool, it starts over and over again. Once, from the driver side view and once from the passenger side view, she hits the steering wheel with both hands, does she really want to drive off? One gets the impression that she starts the engine in vain out of sheer joy. Because she always smiles from time to time. Do you also enjoy the soft sound of the starter like Laura?


Cranking in leather Ford Fiesta mit pics  14:59 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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