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"Cowgirl boots, jeans and top"

Running time: 15:45 minutes 


Although it's a warm summer's day, Helena decided to put on creamy white cowgirl boots for this clip. It's too warm for her upstairs anyway. Therefore a pretty top, in grey-white camouflage colors. With jeans trousers, matching the boots. Full of motivation, Helena tries to start the old '82 VW Polo. You can hear the engine trying to start over and over again. Helena tries again and again with really powerful gas pedal pumping. At some point, however, she senses that this is probably not good for the engine. The carburetor gets too much fuel as a result. She even pumps the gas pedal with her left boot. Does her right foot get tired so quickly? Helena is happy to place her left boot on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel. Seems to be quite comfortable to start the engine again and again in vain. From three different views, one after the other, she drains the battery: A view from driver side, passenger side and view from back seat. At the beginning of the clip you can see how Helena swaps her black suede high heels for cowgirl boots. This can be seen from two different angles from the driver's side. All views that appear here in the clip can also be seen in the preview. At the end, Helena changes from the cowgirl boots to gray leather slippers. Could she start the engine?


Cowgirl boots jeans and top full clip PREVIEEW and pics  16:47 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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