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"Driving in suede over knee boots" ( driver side view )

Running time: 11:02 min.


This clip is an alternative to the previous one showing the rear seat view and pedal view. Before Adriana gets into the '90 Seat - Marbella, she shows herself at the car. She does the same thing when she gets out at the end of the clip. In this driver's view, she's trying to start the engine. Adriana needs 8 attempts to start. After each start attempt, the engine seems to want to start better and better. It starts and stalls. But after the engine has started, Adriana let rev 'em for a while to warm it up. There is also a view from the engine compartment where you can see how an external battery is connected. Because the one that is permanently installed in the engine is defective and must be replaced always be bridged to start. Then she drives around on the bumpy terrain. She also drives backwards. After Adriana got out, she shows up again at the old car.


Driving in suede overknee boots driver side view mit pics  12:01 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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