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Booties and bikini"

Running time: 17:39 minutes


Although these recordings are from last year, there is still something nice here from Tina. She starts the '90 Seat-Marbella in her beloved, black patent leather booties. First an attempt to start with her barefoot on the Gapedal, which she pumps vigorously. She is wearing a pink sneaker on her left foot. Now she puts on a sock, then the right, black patent leather ankle boot, which is difficult to close because the zipper is stuck. But already how Tina tries to close the right bootie is great to watch. After pulling the left sock over her foot, she first kisses the left bootie before putting it on. Before attempting to start, Tina first lights a cigarette. She caresses the left bootie while trying to sit down. With the tip of her boot she pulls out the choke and pushes it back in. This clip can be enjoyed from different views, all of which can be seen in the preview. Although it was very warm that day and it was ideal to wear a bikini, she really wanted to wear her beloved patent leather ankle boots. For the first 6 minutes of the clip, one third of the left side is covered. It's written "Come on, baby". But nothing relevant is covered by this. The clip has a total length of 17:46 minutes! I wish you all a nice weekend!


Booties and bikini full clip mit PREVIEW and pics  18:40 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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