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"I´ll be able to drive today?" ( Pedal- and driver side view )

Running time 17:13 min.


Maybe Marina will manage to drive off in the old '82 VW Polo. She has experience with starting difficulties. So it is not surprising that she smiles every now and then during the start attempts. Kindness might work best. She pulls out the choke as the engine needs more fuel to start than just accelerating. At the end Marina drains the battery. And there's a smile too. Maybe you also have the joy of starting in vain like Marina felt it.

Here in this third, alternative view of the title "I'll be able to drive today?", you see Marina's accelerator game. Even in the preview you can guess how nicely she treats the gas pedal during the start attempts.
Enjoy Marina's right, pretty patent high heel on the gas pedal!

The first part ( passenger side view ) you can available here:


Ill be able to drive today pedal- and driver side view PREVIEW mit pics  17:13 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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