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"Leather Lady in ´90 Seat Marbella" ( stalling and revving ) part 1

Running time: 18:17 min.


Laura loves old cars starting in vain. For her it is a beautiful fetish. In this clip her outfit is made entirely of leather. At the beginning Laura has to realize that the battery is empty. After a charged one is connected, it revs up the engine. This can be experienced in four views: back view ( around two minutes ), pedal view ( 5:24 min. ), exhaust view ( 2:20 min. ) and driver side view ( almost six min., in which Laura gets out of the car once and look in the engine compartment to see if the engine is OK ). This clip is really recommended for friends of revving.

I hope you won't cry disappointed.


Leather lady in 90 Seat Marbella stalling and revving mit pics  19:18 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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