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"Diesel ´86 VW - Golf Very first attempts to start after 4 years of storage" ( Driver side,- passenger side and exhaust view )

Running time: 12:04 minutes


An old ´86 VW Rabbit MK2 (VW - Golf 2), with a diesel engine! The engine has not been started for four years! For Irina it was a great pleasure to try to start the engine after such a long period of inactivity. Will she succeed? In fact, the engine keeps starting - but it stalls again and again. Is the diesel fuel too old or is it a technical matter? Again and again she tries to get this old diesel engine to run. You can watch Irina from various views that can be seen in the preview. The sight of the exhaust pipe is particularly beautiful! It rattles particularly intensely because it's probably not really fixed to the underbody of the car. 

For exhaust lovers, this clip is an absolute "must-have!"
Be happy with Irina about the old car with diesel engine.
So - let's crank!


Diesel 86 VW Golf Very first attempts to start after 4 years of storage driver passenger exhaust view full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  13:00 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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