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"oops, still so unsure!"

Running time: 18:45 min.

So is it really an insecurity that Emilia is showing us? Well, on the uneven ground and with her red plateau high heels so high, it's not surprising that she keeps almost falling over. Her attempts to start were safe, but she didn't know when to interrupt the start attempts. So the starter motor keeps whirring, even though the engine always starts, even if it stalls again and again. All views that appear in the whole clip can already be seen in the preview. I don't actually need to write much about it. Emilia doesn't have a driver's license, but she still has a lot of fun trying to start the engine in vain. Although - at the beginning of the video there is a short revving. But then the engine must have flooded. Did the carburettor suck up too much dirt and cause sputters and stalls? 


This clip is the first to be enjoyed in better image quality!!!


oops_ still so unsure full clip mit PREVIEW  19:38 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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