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"I try everything" ( ´82 VW Polo )

Running time: 27:29 min.


In one of the very first recordings since "Ccc - Crazy car cranking" came out, my stepmother shows how she tries everything to start the old '82 VW Polo: Among other things, from the outside, standing up and from the passenger side. She even tries with her hand, that the engine doesen't stall. But mostly she pumps the accelerator with her buffalo boot, which has a large, oval silver buckle attached. Some gentle revving scenes are also included, but more like the "almost" starting of the engine. Even with vigorous pumping, my strict stepmother is unable to get the engine running. I hope the preview gives you enough impressions of what to expect in the extra-long clip


I try everything  28:29 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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