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"Pedal fetish"

Running time: 14:10 min.

Why not press the accelerator pedal with your hand over and over again? Valentina thinks that the '90 Seat Marbella will really start? She almost succeeds, but the engine stalls after every attempt to start it. Not only does Valentina paint the gas pedal with her lipstick because it not only feels nicer under the sole of her right moccasin boot, but also when she uses a strappy high heel that she puts over her right hand and treats the gas pedal that way. A real accelerator pedal fetishist is Valentina, who in another clip liked to hold the exhaust shut so that the engine, which was idling, would force it to stall.
("Exhaust pipe fetish").

Or do you want to see Valentine driving the Seat Marbella in those flat moccasin boots? There is also a link for this below.
( "Drain than drive" )

Well, even with her right hand, over which Valentina has put on a leather glove, she presses the accelerator pedal while she is starting. Her innocent smile shows that she is a little shy.
But do YOU ​​believe that based on what she presents in this clip?


Pedal fetish full clip mit PREVIEW und pics 720p  15:12 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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