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Cranking in extreme high heel lace-up booties ( driver side- and exhaust pipe view )

Running time: 9:53 min.


Galina is actually dancer. For "Ccc - Crazy car cranking" she shows cranking attempts with passion in the old ´82 VW-Polo.

How supple she is...!

In her favorite plateau high-heels she can pump the gas pedal without slipping off - or? Let´s see close pedal views with her in the forthcoming clips! In the last minutes you can see the exhaust pipe to wiggle and to puff off of them. Galina drains the battery from the exhaust pipe view before continue the cranking attempts.

Running time: 9:53 min.


In extreme high heel lace up booties driver side and exhaust pipe view mit pics  10:53 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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