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"Galina in extreme Plateau high heel boots"

Running time: 27:25 min.

The first actress who made herself available for "crazy car cranking" was Galina, a dancer who wore her favorite lace-up boots with extremely high plateau in this extended clip for a special price. Again and again, during the start attempts, it shows how funny it is. Her smile reveals that she had a lot of pleasure starting the old '82 VW Polo in vain. This approximately 27-minute clip contains the well-known clips "DRIVER'S SIDE & EXHAUST PIPE" and "ALSO TREAT THE GAS PEDAL WITH THE HEEL". In addition, there are about 10 minutes of unpublished scenes. In addition to a few start attempts, showing the exhaust, Galina drains the battery from the driver's side. I hope I can make you happy with this clip.


Galina in extreme Plateau high heel boots mit PREVIEW  28:26 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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