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"Does the engine start for me?"

Running time: 14:27 minutes


Already in the previously released clip ( crack the starter ), Adriana had tried to start the '89 Ford Fiesta. Now she's trying the '90 Seat - Marbella. In drainpipe jeans and comfortable red leather shoes. From different views, all of which can be seen briefly in the preview, you experience how Adriana tries to start the engine. She's one of those women who tend to be more sensitive to the gas pedal when attempting to start. In this clip, however, it seems that the engine flooded immediately or is there no fuel in the tank? Even by using the choke, which Adriana pulls out and pushes in again and again, she hopes that the little Seat - Marbella will start. But even if she doesn't succeed, it's always a pleasure to watch her trying to start in vain.


Does the engine start for me_ Full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  15:28 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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