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"The engine is finally running again"

Running time: 17:11 min.

The engine of the '90 Seat - Marbella has not been running for a long time. Carburetor dirty? No gas in it? But Adriana was able to start the engine. She seems rather surprised, because she was actually prepared for many unsuccessful attempts to start. But not only a slight reving makes her happy, but also this soft chugging of the engine when idling - so soft, as if the engine is almost going to stall. Only when she tap the accelerator very gently does the engine actually stall. There is an exhaust view, a pedal view, even one where you can ONLY see the pedals, because Adriana sometimes climbs up to go to the back of the car - and a driver side view from three different angles. There are two different angles for the Pedalview: a close-up view from the floor on the passenger side and one from the passenger seat. Even the pretty, red high heels, with which Adriana wears white socks, are a feast for the eyes, aren't they?


The engine is finally running again full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  18:12 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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