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"Try to start the ´84 VW Bug"

Running time: 9:45 min.


Here you can see an old clip that was made about 20 years ago. Laura desperately tries to start the '84 VW bug. After a few attempts to start, the engine seems to want to start. Unfortunately, the engine stalls again and again, but until then you could hear a gentle chugging. Laura knows that the engine floods very easily. She prefers to keep the brake pedal pressed when starting. But the typically long gas pedal, which a VW bug has, is gently pressed down again and again by her. Because without any flow of petrol, such an old car will not start at all. Since this VW bug was actually Laura's car and really wanted to drive off, her facial features are rather tense. I was allowed to take these recordings because I asked them to have a memory for the future.
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Try to start the 84 VW Bug full clip  10:42 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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