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"car cranking bores me!" ( ´1979 VW Golf / Rabbit )

Running time: 23:05 min.


Angela doesn't have a driver's license, but I still asked her to start the engine of the '79 VW Golf. It had stood motionless for a long time in the winter months. I hoped she would have enjoyed listening to that particularly beautiful sound of the starter. How nice the engine keeps trying to start, twitching. Angela keeps looking at the camera, bored. You can tell she has no passion for it. But she starts the engine in vain - so beautiful! Angela chews a bubble gum every now and then and blows a bubble every now and then. At the beginning she smokes a cigarette before starting attempts begins. As she lets her legs hang out the driver's door, she does some extensive dangling. Legs folded over one another. She circles her right foot. The noise of the starter motor sounds increasingly slower. At the end Angela drains the battery completely. This clip was made around 20 years ago with an old camera. Therefore the image quality is not the best. But seeing Angie in this 45-year-old car, when she was only 20 at the time, is wonderful, isn't it?


car cranking bores me full clip and PREVIEW  23:53 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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