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Crank, smoke and pump

Running time: 11:20 min.


Despite the light rainy weather, Annabelle wants to enjoy it when the old SEAT Marbella doesn't want to start. Unfortunately, the engine starts. She intends to manipulate the ignition. Before that she lights a cigarette. Then the longed-for, unsuccessful attempts to start. But to make the sound sound even nicer, Annabelle plays with the choke. Always in and out! "Yes, it sounds so nice when the engine floods," she enthuses secretly. Up close, Annabelle shows passionate pedal pumping for several minutes. "Yes, that's how I like it," she says to you. Well, then you have what you want! Or does the engine still start?


Crank smoke and pump mit pics  12:20 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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