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"My old ´71 Audi 60 is flooding"

Running time: 14:53 minutes


Yes, such an old '71 Audi 60 floods very quickly if you don't use the necessary feeling on the gas pedal. Although Cecília really, almost lovingly, handles the long accelerator pedal that protrudes from the floor, the engine no longer starts after the first two-minute start attempts. From time to time the engine makes a gentle twitch, but it still seems to be completely flooded. Until then, however, in the first two and a half minutes of this clip, the engine starts, but stalls again and again. Cecília is also happy about the initial attempts to start, which sounded successful, but she doesn't yet know that she was happy too early. And not only does she flood the engine, no, she drains the battery down and even with a smile on her face. Cecília is a performer who not only loves to hear the typically beautiful sound of the starter and the battery that is getting weaker and weaker, but also loves this special feeling of that long gas pedal under her right boot, which has a nice, big silver buckle on it. This is another clip that was made about 20 years ago.

The different views shown here can be seen in the short preview.

I hope you enjoy this special clip featuring an old car built over half a century ago.


My old Audi 60 is flooding PREVIEW mit pics _ Mit Clipchamp erstellt  15:56 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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