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"I rev my car and love my shoes"

Running time: 9:54 min.


Tina had already started the '90 Seat - Marbella with her red wedge heel mules. She loves these shoes so much that she kisses them every now and then while trying to start. And they are so comfortable for pumping the gaspedal. The old '82 VW Polo has difficulties to starting up. Tina also likes to play with the choke, which she pulls out and pushes in again and again while she puts both legs on the passenger side. But she manages to get him to rev up. Although the engine runs very rough, Tina can rev it up by pumping vigorously before stalls. In between, the left shoe also step on the gas pedal. For a short while you can see Tina's bare foot stepping on the gas pedal. In the end, the engine is so flooded that the engine does not start at all, but Tina pumps the gas pedal powerfully while she try to start the engine again.


I rev my car and love my shoes mit  pics  10:55 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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