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"Successful with my big western boots"

Running time: 22:40 min.


Regina had had so much joy before to start this old '90 Seat-Marbella in vain. In some clips before that also the '82 VW Polo. Here Regina is wearing her red-brown western boots - in shoe size 45 (EU)! , 13 (US)! , 11 (UK)! She uses the choke right from the start of the attempt to start. Does that help?

In this clip, she shows how she plays with the accelerator pedal with feeling. To prevent the engine from flooding? In addition to dark jeans, Regina wears a long, black leather coat and black nappa leather gloves. The weather is really cool and humid. The spark plugs don't like that at all. Regina's attempts to start can be seen from three views that are almost the same length: Driver side, windscreen view and pedal view. The pedal view can be seen from two angles: from passenger floor and passenger seat. And all three views also show the draining of the battery. Will Regina's big, pretty western boots help the engine start?

Be excited! A great experience!


Successful with my big western boots mit pics  23:40 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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