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Driving in jeans and red leather clothes


The old ´90 Seat - Marbella is driven a bit by Anita. There are three views in this clip, shown one after the other. She puts on her red lace-up shoes, which not only match the color of the red leather jacket and her red leather gloves but also the jeans. The engine starts unexpectedly quickly. So Anita can start the little trip, even a bit down from private property. The gas pedal seems so sensitive because she keeps revving the engine too far before the clutch engages to pull away. The clip starts with the view from the dashboard, then a view from the back seat and a view from the outside, with the camera running for a bit. After Anita has come back, she gets out and shows up at the small car for a while.

Running time: 17:21 min.


Driving in jeans and red leather clothes mit pics  18:21 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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