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"From hibernation" ( part 3 )

Running time: 18:14 min.


Here in this third and final part of the "From hibernation" trilogy, Monique drives the '90 Seat -Marbella for a lap. The clip starts with revving up to warm up the engine, seen from the driver's side. It is the same scenario as in the second part, in which the view of the back view and passenger side view. (Approx. five and a half minutes running time). Then Monique gets out and positions herself with a cigarette in her Hand, to the old Seat - Marbella, while the engine is chugging so much that you have to be afraid that it will stall at any moment. Not only can you hear that, you can see it in the puffs of smoke puffing out of the exhaust pipe. Monique gets back in and wants to drive off, but has trouble shifting into gear - it seems. After fiddling with the gear shift for a while, Monique realizes that reverse was always there, but didn't let the clutch pedal up far enough to start driving. With her own car she is used to the fact that the clutch engages earlier, i.e. further down. She can finally drive off. This scenario can be seen from the back view. The same scenario follows as a face view from the dashboard and finally as an outside view.
Well, the '90 Seat - Marbella is still driving


From hibernation part 3 mit pics  19:13 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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