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"...but this car comes!"

Running time: 10:20 min.

The old '90 Seat-Marbella is also started for the first time after a long period of inactivity in winter. The engine starts unexpectedly quickly. Pamela shows a gentle revving. Not too hard as the engine has not been running for a long time. There are views from several positions: First, how Pamela approaches the car and gets in. Two or three attempts to start, then the gentle revving - also a little more powerful. In this clip Pamela has her red-gold sandals on again. Since it was still too cool that day of shooting, she was wearing a wine-red leather jacket. In addition, sunglasses, which she pushes up into her hair from time to time, or looks over them. This clip consists of the following views with the respective times: Driver side 3:01 min., Exhaust view 0:38 min., Pedal view from passenger seat 1:50 min., Pedal view from passenger floor 1:19 min. , pedal view from under the driver seat 1:25 min., view of her sandals and her legs from driver side 1:08 min. The rest of the time is made up of the following: walk towards the car and get in, as well as get out and from the car go away.


But this car comes mit pics  11:25 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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