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"Hard revving the ´98 Ford Fiesta" ( pedal- and exhaust view )

Running time: 10:08 min.


At the end of this clip there is a view of the exhaust that lasts 1:38 minutes. The rest of the time contains the pedal view in which Irina wears her black business high-heels for 1:27 min. Then she takes them off and plays with the accelerator in fishnet tights. She even strokes the accelerator with great care while the engine revs up (total 3:20 min.). For 3:36 minutes, Irina puts on black riding boots. After repeatedly depressing the gas pedal with it, she presses the chewing gum, which she had been chewing for a while, onto the gas pedal. Irina is just curious how it feels under the boot sole. It even gives a glimpse of the chewing gum squashed on the accelerator. In the previous clip "Hard revving the '98 Ford Fiesta" (Driver side), which only shows the driver's side, Irina puts fresh chewing gum in her mouth and even makes bubbles with it. For pedal enthusiasts who love revving, this is a wonderful clip


Hard revving the 98 Ford Fiesta pedal and exhaust view mit pics  11:07 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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