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First driving around with the ´89 Ford Fiesta

Running time: 9:13 min.


A new old car features in this video: an '89 Ford Fiesta. Regina is happy to drive this old car around a bit. Mainly from the passenger side and pedal view can be seen. A back view is also included for just under a minute. And for 1:20 min. an outside view, with which this clip also begins. After Regina got in, she puts on black leather gloves. It was still very cold. And this driving video was the last shot on this day of shooting. From three different perspectives you can see how Regina starts the engine. ( Back view, passenger view and view from outside - rear view ). While driving she let stall the engine, and start again while in first gear and not depressing the clutch pedal! She smiles at you every now and then. Regina drove a car as old as this '89 Ford Fiesta for the first time.

Enjoy her first ride with her.


First driving around with 89 Ford Fiesta mit pics  10:12 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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