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Cold start and reving up in rain


Especially in damp and cold weather, the little Seat-Marbella has a hard to starting up. Manuela tries to get away anyway. The battery was empty. At the beginning of the clip, she has a full battery connected. After a few tries, the engine starts. While reving up the engine by Manuela, she take her lipstick for make up her lips, then lights a cigarette. Yes, it is so relaxing when playing the accelerator pedal for reving. Sure, the engine is still cold and always goes out. "Always smile beautifully and maintain a good mood". So Manuela thinks she can start driving soon. You can be curious ... The first view is from the driver's side. Then there is an exhaust view, in which you can clearly see the smoke that shoots out - during further attempts to start, but also while the engine is revving up. Then a nice view of her red boots on the pedals. (Try to start and let it to rev). Finally, a view from the passenger's floor, from which you can watch Manuela's facial expressions as she starts and lets the engine reving again.

Running time: 11:40 min.


Cold start and reving up in rain mit pics  12:40 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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