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First summer feelings

Running time: 15:21 min.


This year the winter was very long; at least so uncomfortably cool that new film recordings in a bikini were not possible. Now there was a nice, quite warm Sunday, for which Irina took the time to start the '90 Seat - Marbella in sandals that you tie around your calves and to show a gentle revving. Instead, she shows how she changes from sneakers to lace-up sandals. She loves chewing gum. First tear off a piece of the strip and put it in your mouth. Then Irina has to find out that the battery is empty. Only a crack can be heard several times. "At least the starter is fine," she thinks to herself. But suddenly the battery "woke up". After several attempts to start, Irina shows a gentle revving and sometimes strokes the gear stick. In between, she holds up her left leg to the left of the steering wheel. All scenes occurring in the clip have a balanced length to each other. These can all be seen in the preview. Enjoy this cranking / revving clip! This clip has a length of 15:16 min. By the way: The gas pedal was painted with lipstick every now and then Hence the pink color. Let's hope for a great summer!


First summer feelings mit pics  16:22 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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