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"It´s like riding a horse" ( windshield-, pedal- and front view )

Running time: 14:08 min.


This clip shows the alternative view of "It's like riding horse", which was released before and shows only the passenger side view.
Here Irina shows how she handles the pedals of the '98 Ford Fiesta while mistreats the gearbox because she leaves one of the four gears engaged while starting, but doesn't keep the clutch pedal depressed. She tries all four gears.
She bounces in the driver's seat with varying intensity, depending on which gear she has in at the time.
Of course, she also smokes a cigarette in between.
Also how Irina drives backwards to bring the '98 Ford Fiesta into starting position is shown a few times.
In one scene you can watch her spitting at the windshield, again while she's bouncing in the seat, of course.
She drains the battery while trying to start - the little car bounces more and more powerless...
A beautiful and at the same time unusual clip.
Enjoy together with Irina to mistreat this car.
But you'd rather be there, wouldn't you?


Its like riding a horse windshield pedal and front view preview mit pics full clip  15:07 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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