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"Yes, in flip flops" ( pedal- and half body view from passenger floor )

Running time: 14:01 min.


This clip shows the two alternative views to the previously published clip, in which Laura successfully starts the '90 Seat - Marbella after a long standstill, wearing red flip flops with small white dots. In addition to gentle reving, she revs up the engine from time to time, sometimes more powerfully. She likes it too much when the engine chugs so gently, as if it is about to stall. Yes, the engine stalls a few times because Laura sometimes refuses to step on the gas pedal. The engine always starts well, but Laura continues these little games with great pleasure. The pedal view can be enjoyed for 8:25 minutes. This is followed by the halfbody view until the end of the clip ( 5:22 min. ) The first 14 seconds show Laura - like in the previous clip, showing the driver side and exhaust pipe, how she gets in.


Yes in flip flops pedal and half body view from passenger floor mit pics  15:00 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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