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"I still have to paint my toe nails" ( passenger side view )

Running time: 10:46 min.


Does it actually happen more often that women forget to paint their toenails before leaving home? And then on a sunny day when you want to wear sandals? It happened to Marina that day. Before she realizes that the old '89 Ford Fiesta won't start, she paints all ten of her toenails. And you can - uncut! - observe her from the perspective of the passenger side. Marina will then put on her sandals very carefully so that the nail polish doesn´t smudge. Since she already knows that the engine won't start again, Marina shows her beautiful smile. To make it a little more pleasant to keep turning the ignition key over and over again, she has put on leather gloves again. She drains the battery, a full battery was then connected and continues to try. Marina now realizes that she even forgot to put makeup on her lips. She's catching up now, WHILE she's trying to start in vain. Thinking that the engine has flooded again, she tries to start it without touching the gas pedal. To do this, Marina places her right foot on the passenger seat. First briefly with the sight of her sandals, then mostly barefoot.

As the preview already shows, this clip only shows the passenger view.


I still have to paint my toe nails passenger side view full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  11:47 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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