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"Drain despite jumper cables" ( ´89 Ford Fiesta )

Running time: 42:19 min.


The battery in the '89 Ford Fiesta is empty. Anita has already attached the jumper cables to both batteries to give jump start help. She starts the engine of her car, which has a diesel engine. That's what you'll mostly hear in this extra-long clip. But even without the override she tries to start the Ford Fiest. The battery has charged a little in the meantime. Before the first attempts at starting, she changes from sneakers to boots. It seems as if she has a particularly pleasant feel for the accelerator pedal with them. All views that can be seen in the clip can be seen briefly in the preview. There is a close up where you can see her boots as it starts up. Seeing the sole of your boot up close as you just pumped the accelerator. Nice movements of the boots. Anita crosses her legs and stretches. She wants to get you hot with her moves into the driver's seat while her legs hang out the door. Hardly a smile appears on her face. It's totally cool. Of course there are also scenes in which she smiles - during the unsuccessful attempts to start. Is that the look of desperation on her face? She puts a piece of chewing gum in her mouth. She probably needs it now. Good thing she's wearing soft leather gloves. Otherwise, as many times as she turns the ignition key over and over again, it would hurt. Completely relaxed Anita drains the battery completely. Here, too, there are some views that the preview suggests. A great clip that, with its extra long running length, promises a distinctive experience with her.


Drain despite jumper cables full clip mit PREVIEW  43:21 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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