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"From hibernation" ( part 1)

Running time: 17:17 min.


A bit prematurely, Monique is already trying to get the '90 Seat - Marbella out of hibernation. It's still a cold - wet day today. Patiently, even smoking a cigarette, she starts the engine. At the beginning she notices that the battery is almost empty. After connecting a charged battery, Monique just doesn't give up. After several attempts to start, she uses the choke to allow more fuel to get to the carburetor. Because just pumping the gas pedal doesn't help. Relaxed, she smokes another cigarette. Among other things, she blows the smoke in your face, since there is also a view from the dashboard in this clip. Other views that occur can be seen beforehand in the preview.

Please welcome Monique in "ccc - crazy car cranking", in her first clip of pedal pumping.


From hibernation part 1 mit pics  18:16 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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