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"Caribian Christmas" ( part 3 )

Running time: 13:16 minutes

In this third part, Valentina removes the jumper cable that goes from the battery on the ground to the battery in the engine compartment. As in the second part, she wears long, black leather boots with her Christmas costume, each of which has two small silver chains on it. For some reason Valentina tries to wedge her right red patent high heel, which she was wearing in the first part, between the ignition key and the dashboard so that she doesn't have to keep the key turned all the time. You also have such delicate hands. Even though she's wearing black leather gloves, it's probably uncomfortable for her right hand. At the beginning of the clip, she takes the lipstick again and puts make-up on the cute little gas pedal. She likes that slippery feeling under the sole of her boots. Of course Valentina drains the battery completely.
You can hear what the futile starting noise of this old '82 VW Polo sounds like in the other previews, the links of which can be seen here and can be used. I wish you all a merry Christmas ✨
Kind regards - Stella


Caribian Christmas part 3 full clip und pics  14:17 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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