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"Cranking in Flip Flops"

Running tme:12:50 min.


Laura has put on red - white flip flops especially for flip flop fans.
You can see her getting into the '86 VW - Rabbit ( VW Golf ) from three different views: from two different positions on the driver's side and a pedal view. The unsuccessful attempts to start can also be seen from these three views already mentioned. Also, like Laura drains the battery: Two different angles as a driver's side view and a pedal view. Because she loves hearing the last, gentle beeps of the starter when the battery is getting weak, she keeps turning the ignition key to hear it. But in general, Laura also loves long attempts to start, which can easily last more than a minute. You could already experience that in their debut clip "Ford Fiesta - Cool cranking", which, by the way, will be continued.
I wish you a lot of joy with this clip.


Cranking in Flip Flops mit pics  13:54 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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