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"Tall student has a lot of patience" ( driver side )

Running time: 13:26 min.


 She is studying economics at the University of Göttingen. Regina is an incredible 185 cm tall! ( 6.07 feet ) ! And has the shoe size 45 (EU)! , 13 (US)! , 11 (UK)! After a long standstill she tries to start the '90 Seat - Marbella. First she changes the jumper cable connections from one car battery to the other, as the smaller one is probably empty or defective. You can already see from her facial expression that Regina is in no hurry. She chose a Sunday for the many attempts to start. She also insists on the cleanest possible boot soles so that the pedals don't get unnecessarily dirty. That's why she laid out the green artificial turf carpet on which she occasionally moves in this clip. During the start attempts, Regina uses the choke. She gently pulls it out and pushes it back in again and again. Depending on how Regina thinks what the engine needs at the moment. Relaxed, she smokes a cigarette. It just takes quite a while before the engine might start. But she had already planned that. After several attempts to start, the engine suddenly sounds hopeful. Well, will it start soon? In between, Regina smiles at you and looks into the camera. And indeed! But no! The engine stalls again and again, even though she's depressing the gas pedal. Is the carburetor not getting enough air? You can watch Regina from two perspectives, how she drains the battery. It disconnects the clips of the jumper cable from the battery poles. She still looks at you with a smile, as if it wasn't important to her to be able to drive off in the small, old car, but was actually just having fun starting in vain.


Tall student has a lot of patience  full clip  14:30 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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