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"Pumping at first for a long time, after long standing time"

Running time: 11:21 min


At very short notice, Melissa found time to start the old '89 Ford Fiesta. Even though she is so young, she already has experience with starting problems. "If I could, I would first pump the accelerator pedal for a while so that the engine has a chance to start after it hasn't run for over a year." After lighting a hand-rolled cigarette, Melissa pumps the accelerator for over a minute. Then she turns the ignition key. But no sound. She turns the key back and forth. But nothing happened. This scene can be seen twice in different picture in picture views. A battery was connected and the Melissa drained after trying to start for over a minute and a half - without interruption. This scenario can also be seen in two PIP views. She was so excited about the unexpected start of the engine and the typical accelerator pumping that she wanted to come back as soon as possible.

Well, let's give Melissa a warm welcome


Pumping at first for a long time_ after long standing time full clip mit PIP und PREVIEW  12:15 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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