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"Original shoes from the 80th"

Running time: 17:18 minutes

Melissa received the shoes as a gift from her favorite aunt. A pair that originally comes from the 80s. Worn very often. The soft leather already has many wrinkles. Who knows how many times these shoes have been soaked in sweat. Melissa thinks the shoes are incredibly comfortable. In this clip she is wearing thick socks because it is very cold that day. The pedals of the old Seat - Marbella has the honor of feeling the shoes. Melissa starts the engine with feeling and also speaks lovingly. The accelerator pedal gets some gentle treatment from the right shoe. Every now and then the engine makes hopeful noises, as if maybe it will start after all? The views can be seen in the preview. In the end it seems as if Melissa is quite disappointed that the little Seat didn't start. Too cold? Engine flooded?


Original shoes from the 80th full clip mit PREVIEW  18:18 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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