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"Comes the sweetheart this time?" ( pedal view, view from back seat-, from passenger side- and from floor of passenger side )


On this cool autumn day, Regina tries to start the engine of the '82 VW Polo. The engine is always just about to start. Regina even lets the starter run, although the engine is already running, but together with the starter. This clip also shows the launch attempts from four views. Regina is 185 cm tall and wears shoe size 45! (EUR), 14 (US), 12 (UK). Although Regina Regina drains the battery, she keeps trying. A loaded one was connected to it. How nice most start attempts sound, as if the engine would start at any time. Her facial features are rather motionless, concentrating on the attempts to start. Can you cheer her up that she starts the old VW Polo with joy?

Note: In the "view from passenger floor", Regina also drains the battery

Running time: 15:52 min.


Comes the sweetheart this time pedal back seat from passenger floor passenger side view mit pics  16:52 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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