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"In time for the business lunch?" ( pedal- and windscreen view )

Running time: 13:06 min.


In this view of the title "In time for the business lunch?", the pedal view can be seen, which has a total running time of approx. 7:48 minutes. The rest of the runtime shows a windscreen view, which has a runtime of 3:56 minutes. And here, too, Marina drains the battery completely. In both views, she still tries a few times, so that in addition to the typically weak noise of the empty battery, the cracking of the starter can also be heard. Even if Marina has to go to a business dinner, she enjoys the unsuccessful attempts to start. Did she already suspect that the engine would not start? Had she maybe ordered a taxi to her place in time?


In time for  business full clip mit PREVIEW and pics  14:06 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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