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"It really wants to, but then doesn't"

Running time: 33:05 min.


Adriana is full of hope that day when the old '82 VW Polo finally wants to start - that's just how it seems. Because at the beginning of the clip, she drains the battery after trying to start it up for a while without success. She even used the choke. Not that the engine flooded? After connecting a fully charged battery, Adriana keeps trying with hope and patience. But now...! The engine wants to come, is always very close - but then it doesn't. Again and again this almost start. But the old car just doesn't want to. And also the second battery drains Adriana completely empty. 

A whole series of different views can be seen in this 33-minute clip, which can already be seen briefly in the preview.


It really wants to_ but then doesn_t mit pics  34:07 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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