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"In time for the business lunch" ( view from back seat and passenger floor)

Running time: 14:08 min.

Here ist the link to the other view ( pedal- and windscreen view ):


This clip shows the alternative view to the previously released version. (back view, passenger floor and alternate angles of Marina getting in and out of the '89 Ford Fiesta). Except for the shot of her putting on her pinstripe suit, the content of the clip is almost identical. ( See the description of the previous clip ) In this clip here there are a few more attempts to start.

Did Marina forget to keep an appointment for a business dinner?

During the unsuccessful attempts to start, she sometimes just pumps the gas pedal with her heel. Again and again Marina tries to start the engine until the battery is completely empty. Marina is not in a bad mood or nervous about not being able to leave. She's a real happy person. Maybe before she started trying to start, she had already ordered a taxi so that she could still make it to the business lunch if the engine didn't start at all.


In time for the business lunch view from back seat and passenger floor _ Mit Clipchamp erstellt  15:07 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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