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INSANE PUMPING ( "Ohh, the poor gas pedal!" )


Marleen is a young woman who came to me from Zurich / Switzerland especially to start the engine of this old '82 VW Polo in vain. This recording was made in 2019 in Hamburg / Germany. When I wrote to her at the time, Merleen was so enthusiastic, because she not only loves the futile starting of old cars so much, but also pumping the gas pedal - with all her passion. She shows it in this clip. With the light brown cowgirl boots, which other actresses have also worn before, she pumps the gas pedal with all her might. Not only does she step through it with her left foot, no, she also tramples it through properly with both feet. The engine is totally flooded, of course, although she hasn't pulled out the choke yet. She doesn't do that until later in the clip. But pull out the choke on a flooded engine? It's definitely not going to happen.

Running time: 14:49 min.


Insane pumping Ohh the poor gas pedal mit pics  15:49 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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