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"Can I drive off with this Ford Fiesta?"

Running time: 13:55 min.


In the previously published clip "In time for the business lunch?", Marina had already tried to get to a business appointment with the '89 Ford Fiesta. Now Pamela wants to try it in this video. At least she doesn't have a date to keep. But here, too, you will experience how Pamela drains the battery. Is it the fuel pump? She, too, pumps the gas pedal a little more vigorously, but the engine gives no indication as if it will lead to success. Pamela's relaxed facial expression alone promises an authentic car cranking experience.

If you want to get clips of Marina "In time for business lunch?"

Look at here:


Can I drive off with this Ford Fiesta full clip mit PREVEW und pics  14:50 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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