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"Still tired but still wanting to the gym"

Running time: 20:26 minutes


Pamela is so motivated, although she is still tired, but still for workout. No sound of the starter. But she already knows that. She takes a charged battery and a jump starter cable from the trunk and connects everything. After a few attempts to start, there is hope that Pamela will be able to go to the gym right away. The engine try to start but doesn't catch. The old '90 Seat - Marbella is stubborn, as is so often the case. How good that she is wearing comfortable sneakers. So Pamela can quickly pump the gas pedal. She soon realizes that there is no point in starting the engine in vain. She puts the battery and the jump start cable in the trunk, closes everything and takes the bus. In the first three minutes you see Pamela walking to the car, getting in, trying to start without sound, getting out, connecting the battery and getting back in. There is a driver side view from three different positions (total 5:05 min.), Pedal view from driver side (2:14 min.), Pedal view from passenger side (1:52 min.), A view from the rear seat ( 2:30 min.), Exhaust view from left side (1:08 min.), Exhaust view as a front view (2:15 min.), A short view from the passenger side, then how Pamela gets out and packs everything up again and leaves . Does such an experience limit or inspire motivation?


Still tired but still wanting to the gym full clip mit PREVIEW  21:22 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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