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"I have to go!"

Running time: 19:05 min.

After a long time the old '82 VW Polo starts badly anyway. Tina knows that. To her surprise, however, the engine shows signs of wanting to start right from the beginning. But it stalls several times. Even seems to be flooded. Tina applies her make-up two times. ( One time a view from driver side and one time from passenger side ). The starting breaks seem to be having an effect. The engine tries again and again to start. Despite the 12 cm (4.72 inch) high heels, Tina pumps the gas pedal powerfully. There are six views, all of which can be seen in the preview. The length of the respective views are put together in a good relationship. The pedal view can be seen from both sides. (from the driver's side and from the passenger side).


I have to go full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  20:06 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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