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"Muddy fun"


The preview is only placed for on minute before the main clip begins. The main clip has a running time of 22:06 minutes!


Melissa has always wanted to ride through muddy terrain. Every now and then she drives back and forth in her 92 VW Polo, which is still registered that day. It's also nice to see how she tries in vain to put the car in reverse for a while. (This is wonderful to watch as a face view and view from back seat). That's also one of the reasons why she wants to get rid of her VW Polo. What else is there to describe here? Check out the preview. All views can be seen briefly there. Although Melissa is only 23 years old, she developed a strong passion for old cars at a young age before our first day of filming. She particularly likes trying in vain to start the engine. But here is a 22:00 minute clip that will be particularly exciting for those interested in this category.


Muddy fun full mit PREVIEW  23:07 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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