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"Like in old times"

Running time: 21:41 min.


"Back then it was so beautiful. An old '82 VW Polo with start problems", thinks Adriana. In this clip, she shows how beautifully the engine revs gently and stalls, even though she has to be in the office on time. Of course, there are also nice unsuccessful attempts to start. At the beginning of the clip you can see Adriana putting on her black and white sabots. Entry can be observed from the driver's side and from the rear. The pedal view from passenger side can be seen twice (1:31 min. And 3:50 min.), Pedal view from driver side (2:12 min.), Back view (4:27 min.), The driver view is seen from two different angles (3:22 min. and 4:23 min.). Towards the end you see Adriana getting out of the VW Polo from two different views (driver side and rear view). She lovingly strokes the car one more time. "Today again I didn't get to the office on time, but it was so nice with the old VW - Polo", thinks Adriana to herself. By the way: watch her legs. Especially on her well-trained calves! Another note: there is still a piece of her chewing gum stuck to the accelerator. Adriana glued it on for another video. It really is a wonderful clip!


Like in old times mit pics  22:40 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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