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"Adriana try to start the old ´90 Seat Marbella"

Running time: 11:53 minutes

Adriana has always driven old cars. She particularly likes the morning, unsuccessful attempts to start. For the first time she starts an old ´90 Seat Marbella. "The sound of the starter is so weepy," she enthuses. For this clip she has black Buffalo boots on.
She really feels and wants the engine to start.
And yes! It seems that Adriana can do it with her patience. The engine starts almost a few times, but keeps stuttering and stalls.
It can be seen from four perspectives: driver's side, backseat view, passenger side and pedal view.


Adriana try to start Seat-Marbella full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  12:50 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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