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"No fuel or just flooded?"

Running time: 15:02 min.


The old '82 VW Polo hasn't started lately. This time Pamela tries. In vain! At the beginning she drains the battery. This can be seen in three different views: Driver side, passenger side and a view from the back seat. After inserting a full battery, Pamela keeps trying. She even pulls out the choke from time to time so that more fuel can get to the carburettor. Could it be that the engine has already flooded so quickly? It is also possible that there is no petrol in the tank. Unfortunately, Pamela doesn't have a spare canister with her. So she tries again and again, hoping that the engine might still start. In sandals, but sometimes barefoot, she keeps stepping on the gas pedal. Already in the preview you can already see the views that appear in the clip. At the end of the clip, Pamela shows herself at the car before walking away. This scene lasts 1:13 minutes. All other scenes all have a balanced running time.


No fuel or just flooded mit pics  16:05 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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